Two Critical Areas Of Air Inspections

In some states the work of the air sampling inspectors is compulsory. The industrial and legislative requirements will also be closely tied to the business being carried out. But all property owners do not need to wait for legal requirements to be imposed on them. They can request air sampling inspectors staten island ny visits voluntarily. The two most critical areas that air sampling inspectors will be looking out for are signs of lead poisoning and an over-abundance of asbestos. Indeed, there are states that have strictly forbidden the inclusion of asbestos to building constructions. Those businesses that do have residues of this dangerous material can allow the inspectors to initiate a program of removal and replacement.

Lead is an extremely toxic metal. It can cause numerous health problems, particularly among children. Damage to the brain and other vital organs are caused when lead is allowed to be absorbed into the body. Vital organs in this case include the kidneys lungs and nerves and blood. Lead poisoning is also known to cause behavioral problems. Children suffer from learning disabilities and seizures. And in extreme cases, death could occur. Symptoms of lead poisoning include headaches, nausea, stomach aches, muscle and joint pain, hearing loss, memory and concentration problems and slow growth amongst children.

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Asbestos is extremely dangerous when inhaled. While it is possible to avoid the inhalation, asbestos remains an acute problem for those who are forced to work in close proximity to the material. The breathing in of asbestos fibers over long periods of time could lead to a rare fatal cancer known as Mesothelioma. Asbestos may be harmless when undisturbed, but any activity that causes the asbestos fibers to be released into the atmosphere will also release imminent danger to anyone in close proximity to the material.