Sustainable Insulation Solutions

Insulation is the practice of warming and cooling of rooms in consequence of outdoor temperatures. The best practice has always been to create a temperate environment, something akin to little Goldilocks’ morning porridge, neither too hot, nor cold, but just right. Given all the technologies available, insulating a buildings interiors is no longer a challenge. But questions are being asked in terms of the cost-effectiveness and morality of this. While certain spray foam solutions are among the most sustainable of the available insulation solutions, there are other methods.

spray foam solutions

Another such sustainable method would be in the way the rooms’ windows have been glazed. Basic household methods are also possible, but still, there will still be some dependence on conventional warming and cooling methods. Most homeowners still can’t seem to let go of their heaters and ACs. It has been a matter of convenience for them all these years. Actually, be honest, that is nothing but a blatant lie. Because what can be inconvenient about high utility bills, the consequence of using far too much electrical power to heat and cool the rooms.

The initial expense of laying the foundations of the one effective spray foam solution far outstrips the monthly expense on power utility bills, year in and year out. Speaking of which, this is a sustainable solution that could last the homeowner a lifetime, provided too, of course, that the homeowner is taking good care of his property. This spray foam solution is so unlike the others. There is no rolling out of spray foam mats. No pre-prepared materials are brought to the installation site.

All that is done is spray the foam with a gun. And it is not long before the entire attic is covered in spray foam. But the work is neat and clean.